Photo credit:  Alexandra Herstik

Photo credit: Alexandra Herstik

"It’s rock of which the devil would most certainly approve."
—Michael Spawn, The Free Times
"I was immediately hooked by its classic rock-and-roll vibe. From the music itself to the sound of the recording, the band transported me," 
—Miranda Enzor, The Good Groupie

When I'm not writing or divining, I'm probably on stage or in the studio with my husband, Zach Toman. Together we make up Fidelio, a psychedelic blues duo sure to please lovers of occult rock and catchy hooks alike.

Born from a desire to break every rule—to do away with standard song structures, recording methods, genre tropes, and formats—Fidelio is an experiment in the old ways of doing things, when songs were crafted differently, recorded differently, and guitar dominated the radio waves.

Our newest release, Relics, Vol. 1, was recorded live on The Columbia Beet, 90.5 WUSC. In this session, Zach and I play you haunting renditions of old favorites with a few rarities mixed in for good measure.

Our debut album, All My Friends Are Enemies Now, is a story of goodbyes, both bitter and sweet, told through distorted guitars, arcane blues, and spectral choirs. This record bids farewell to youth, old friends and enemies alike.

Our music is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.