Selected Writing

Understanding the Stars | Hazlitt, October 2018

What Your Moon Sign Says About the Way You Love | Bumble, The Beehive, September 2018

What to Wear During Fashion Month, According to Your Sign | Barneys New York, The Window, September 2018 (writing and style selections)

Losing the Lifeline Between Scent and Memory | How We Get to Next, October 2016

How Worshipping a Mother Goddess Can Disempower Women | The Establishment, October 2016

Why Fashion is Embracing the Evil Eye | Racked (Vox Media), October 2016

Author Bio

Amelia Quint is an astrologer and writer who specializes in bringing the stars down to earth. Since founding her own online astrology platform in 2013, her essays and horoscopes have been featured in Hazlitt, How We Get to Next, MyDomaine, Rookie Magazine, and Coveteur, among others. She has also collaborated with brands that inspire her, like Bumble and Barneys New York, to create culturally conscious and mystically accurate content.

Amelia believes in starting the day at the gym and ending it with gratitude. Her mission is to leave the world better than she found it. She’s often running through the woods with no cell service, so if you want to connect, email her at She’d love to hear from you!


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